The Coaching Staff at SPY has more than 50 years of combined experience in the world of competitive swimming and includes many SPY alumni who have returned to the pool to guide future generations of young swimmers.  

At SPY, every coach spends time with every roster group- they don't specialize in only a single age group. We do this not only so the coaches will get to know the kids, but also so the kids (and their parents) will recognize all of our coaches.  With a swim team of more than 225 athletes and the staggered nature of invitational swim meets, it's important that every swimmer can find their coach on deck, and that our coaches have gotten to know the kids as well.

Many of the SPY coaches also coach for local summer swim teams and are active in their communities- in Severna Park and elsewhere.

SPY also has a 10 member elected governing board, Severna Park Swim Association, which meets monthly.